In the spring of 2014, a DM2 Romans 1-8 was presented at Preston City Bible Church in Preston City, Connecticut. ¬†While Mark taught with a team of men at Romans 1-8 workshop, below are Mark’s presentations elucidating the relationship between the grace of God and His righteousness – the great theme of the New Testament.

Romans 1:1-17 Introduction on Grace Gospel that does not compromise God’s righteousness.

Romans 1:18-32 on how Nature condemns the Gentiles apart from the Bible.

Romans 5:4-21 contrasts between being in Christ vs. being in Adam

In Romans 6:3-7 Paul focuses on our co-crucifixion and co-resurrection with Christ that is at the very heart of our sanctification under God’s holy grace.

In Romans 6:22-23 Paul presents the contrast between grace/life and sin/death.

In Romans 7:1-6 the apostle Paul uses the marriage illustration to teach how grace does not compromise God’s Law.

Romans 7:7-13 shows how the depravity of man misuses the Mosaic Law into deceptive suicidal practices that reap death that the Law does not correct – but this is not the Law’s fault.

Romans 7:14-25 teaches how the law of sin and death work against godly desires that can only remedied by a life dominated by the Spirit presented in Romans 8.

In the appendix of DM2’s Romans 1-8, the curriculum teaches on the biblical relationship between faith and repentance.