NAZI ECOLOGY: The Oak Sacrifice of the Judeo-Christian Worldview in the Holocaust

“Nazi Ecology” deconstructs the anti-Semitic historical background of the early German green movement of the 19th century which was absorbed by National Socialism that became the foundation for biological Anti-Semitism in the 20th century. While many have decried the industrial nature of the Holocaust, such views cannot explain the motive behind the greatest crime of the 20th century. Nazi racism was foreshadowed by the Social Darwinism of German Romanticism in the 1800’s that laid the ecological foundations for what is otherwise known today as environmentalism. “Nazi Ecology” explains why the Holocaust is best understood as a modernized form of human sacrifice carried out under ecological/biological camouflage that is rooted in the sacrificial oak imagery of ancient paganism. The word Holocaust itself means “whole burnt offering.” To purchase “Nazi Ecology,” click on the link above. To purchase “Nazi Ecology” click on the link above.

Comments from Readers

“Nazi Oaks is one of those important books that is unlikely to get the kind of mainstream media coverage it deserves.” – Alan Caruba of Warning Signs

“Nazi Oaks has given me a whole new perspective on religion and the environment.” – Steve Milloy of Junk Science

“While Musser’s well-researched book is jam-packed with information gleaned from dozens of sources, the text is smooth and readable.  It explains the Nazis better than a shelf-full of ‘offical’ histories ever could.” – Mike Gray of St. Karnick’s American Culture

“Nazi Oaks is a tour de force, patiently accurately unearthing the explicitly anti-Biblical worldview and philosophical roots of modern environmentalism in the renewal of pagan nature worship inherent in German Romanticism a la Goethe and Wagner, racism a la Haeckel, Existentialism a la Heidegger, and Nihilism a la Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. If, as the Bible says, good fruit cannot come from a bad tree, and bad company corrupts good morals, then it’s time for Christian–indeed for all–environmentalists to take a sober look at the roots and branches of the tree on which they perch. Rev. Musser’s book shows both historically and philosophically how and why ecologism bore fruit in Nazi totalitarianism, racism, and the Holocaust, why those dangers remain inherent in modern environmentalism, and why ecologism’s worldview remains incompatible with Judeo-Christian morals. It also shows how and why ecologism led then, as it does now, to the corruption of science and its enslavement to political ideology. Those who read Nazi Oaks will be surprised, and shocked, to see how even many of their heroes were nourished by the sap of that tree, and how heavily European and North American environmentalism today remain tied to and ideologically predetermined by the anti-Christian roots from which it sprang. Thoroughly documented and insightfully argued, this book shows all the earmarks of having been written by someone who has become complete master of the ideas and the history he explains.” – Dr. E. Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance

“This 405 page, 1,344 footnote text easily passes as a piece of professional academic scholarship.  More importantly, Musser definitely contributes something valuable to the conversation about environmentalism with his Pantheism versus Christianity thesis.” – William Kay of Environmentalism is Fascism

“Many books have been published on the German National Socialist movement, few, however, on the ‘green’ underpinnings of the Nazi worldview.  Mr. Musser’s book ‘Nazi Oaks,’ which tackles the issue from a Christian vantage point, is a definite recommend.” – Carl Teichrib of Forcing Change

“The point of Nazi Oaks, documented with extraordinary information about the Nazi Party’s connection to conservationism, nature worship, environmentalism, Social Darwinism, and loathing for capitalism, is that all of these things are still very much alive and kicking among socialists around the world who reject the Genesis story of man being superior to nature.  Nazi Oaks has given me a whole new perspective on the evil Third Reich with its undeniable connection to environmentalism today.  Everyone needs to read Nazi Oaks, even those with no faith at all.  ‘Going Green’ and all its ugly implications is absolutely incompatible with Christianity.” – Chriss Rainey, Catholic reader

 “R. Mark Musser’s book explores the historical roots of modern environmentalism, its connection to the Nazi regime, Hitler’s obsession with wolves, Haeckel’s “volkisch environmentalism” influence on modern Greens in Germany, the economic wastefulness and physical damage of renewable energy to the land, the bizarre and inexplicable environmentalist love for trees but not for people, the Romantic movement that stressed nature,  the Biblical view of human autonomy over nature, and the Protestant Reformation and the Enlightenment’s utilitarian view of nature. The oak is more than just a symbol of German nationalism, it is an expression of the “brown road to Auschwitz that was lined with green trees,” trees nourished by the sweat and blood of innocents who were deprived of their freedom and of their right to live.” – Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, Author, Columnist, and Radio Commentator

“Nazi Oaks is a real eye opener.” – Michael Doyle of Liberty is the Objective Blogspot

“Mark has written an invaluable book for anyone who wants to understand how a rejection of the God of Christians and Jews led the Nazis to worship other, grimmer, false gods. It is not a book that radical environmentalists will want you to read, which is precisely why it is indispensable reading for sane and decent people today.” – Bruce Walker, author and columnist

“Mark Musser’s research into the Nazi elements in the environmental movement is unique and absolutely needed to understand current events. He demonstrates that radical environmentalism is an effort to control peoples’ lives and that the Nazis used it for that purpose. Ominously, he also proves that the Nazis used environmentalism to target groups of people they wanted to eliminate from the face of the earth. We cannot allow government to acquire this kind of power again.” – Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media

“Great read and very insightful.” – David Pepe of the Ignorant Fishermen

“I found Nazi Oaks to be a fascinating read, and it is very well-written and researched.” – Lita Cosner

“It is a good guide and helpful book.” – Dr. Martin Erdmann of the Verax Institute

“Mr. Musser exposes the powerful religious and philosophical undercurrents that are sweeping the “green” tsunami over our political landscape. In a day of sound-bite rhetoric and fund-raising memos obsessed with the latest scary story of alleged damage to Mother Nature, we often are too overwhelmed to see the flow from big ideas to big consequences. As one trained in modern environmental studies and experienced in actual environmental policy regulations, Musser ably deconstructs the Third Reich’s green connection–a sobering exhibit of what happens when ancient Baalist nature-worship coalesces with modern totalitarian bureaucracy. This is a lesson that biblically green “creation care” must learn or suffer the consequences of ignoring it.” – Charles Clough, BS MIT, MS in Atmospheric Science Texas Tech University, ThM Dallas Theological Seminary, Founder of Bible Framework

“Very informative and fascinating look at Nazi ideology.  It’s amazing that I have heard about the evil Nazis all my life but never heard about what they actually believed, except, of course, for their antisemitism and German racism, but I didn’t really understand those things either until after reading Nazi Oaks!  I especially like the way Nazi thought is traced back to things like Romanticism. That’s very relevant to today’s scene.  We are in a very neo-Romantic time now with all this environmentalism and religious mysticism, which should concern us Christians especially, since it’s seeping into the church too.” – Professor Bruce Davidson, Hokusei Gakuen University

“Mark Musser has produced a valuable work showing the clear connections between Romanticism, the National Socialist (Nazi) ideology, and the rise of modern ecological religion. Nazi Oaks explains how romantic Mother Earth loving vibes are no guarantee for pleasant outcomes, for mankind or the earth.” – Dr. James Wanliss, author of the Green Dragon

Nazi Oaks is “a tour de force that shows the Nazis for what they were; Green zealots dreaming of a Wagnerian utopia.  As such, they were the forerunners of modern environmentalists as well as eugenics.  Mark has now made the connections, explored but very loosely by scholars, between Nietzschean existential thinking and Nazism.  A must read!” – Timothy Birdnow